Monday, May 7, 2012

A View To A Death

I am starting to see that even the older kids who we though were loyal to Ralph, are starting to drift towards Jack, because of the meat and meal he has. In the end Ralph and I join the feast, and Jack allows it. After it, there is this strange dance, and Ralph and I, out of respect, follow along the outer rings of this strange ritual. Thats when a body comes breaking out of the forest, and in fear, the boys begin stabbing it and stabbing it. Only after it was dead had they realized what they had done. They had killed Simon. They thought he was the beast, and killed him without hesitation. The whole time, I could only watch in horror, imagining them turning on me and killing me. It was a scary thing to think about, and I was truly petrified. We did not even give him a proper burial, nor was there any word of apology muttered. They just left his body, to be carried out by the tides. Im starting to realize just how brutal things are about to get. What if they decide to just kill? Jack already has a lot of people. Im scared, and Ralph is losing his courage quickly too. I don't know what to do. I hope I make it home...

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