Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sound Of The Shell

My name is.... My nickname is Piggy. I wear glasses, and have bad asthma that stops me from doing a lot of the things I love. My life was normal. Until the day the plane crashed. I woke up in some sand by some forest. I saw a boy, who looked like he was only slightly older than me. I came over to him, and told him who I was. The name Piggy stuck. I told him he could use it, just that I wouldn't enjoy is he told everyone about it. He decided to go swimming, but I decided against it, again on account of my asthma. While he was swimming, I saw a conch shell. I told Ralph(That was the older boys name) to grab it, and bring it up. I remember a child next door to me use to have a conch shell, and he pain ever so much for it. Then I remembered something useful. He blew in the conch and made a beautiful sound. After a few minutes of explaining, Ralph was finally able to do the same thing that the boy back home could. He could make it sound so loud and beautiful. Thats when, out of the forest, more boys came out at the sound of the conch. After a few minutes we had a gathering of quite a bit of people. Some were small children, covered in a mess of sticky fruit, and others were slightly younger then Ralph. But it did seem that Ralph was the oldest. Thats when a boy, and his choir, came. The boy in the front identified himself as Merridrew. Ralph called him Jack. At first, he kept a very pompous attitude, until one of his members collapsed, and everyone split up and began meshing with the group. Little groups start forming. Theres the group of the little ones, then the group of slightly bigger boys, and after that there are people who are looked at as leaders, Ralph,Jack,Simon, And I. Ralph assembles the boys to discuss their situation and vote on a chief. Ralph is voted chief. Ralph suggests that Jack remain in charge of the choirboys, making them hunters. Jack's anger is slightly dulled by having authority of the choir boys. As the assembled boys identify themselves, Ralph reveals my nickname before I can establish my real name. So now everyone calls me Piggy. Even after I told him not to tell people about it. But it seemed like it did lighten the mood, so my misery was not all at loss. Ralph forms a search party to establish that they are, in fact, on an island. Jack agrees to tag along, and shows everyone that he actually has a sheathed knife! What a great finding! Thats when they decide to exclude me from their adventure. Im hurt to be excluded from the search party, and Ralph belittles me by giving me the job of taking the names of all the boys who stay back on the beach. When they come back, they say the island is uninhabited, and is in fact an island. Then Ralph tells us that there are pigs, and that Jack failed to kill one. Jack then swears he will kill one, and everyone keeps quiet. I just watch from a distance. Then, it is night, and everything is over  as quickly as it started.

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