Monday, May 7, 2012

Painted Faces And Long Hair

Jack gathers up all the hunters to tell them his new hunting strategy: using colored clay and charcoal to mask their faces from being seen. Jack commands all his hunters, including Sam n' Eric, who are currently in charge of the fire duty at the time, to join in a hunt. Ralph and I spot a ship in the distance and we are confident that the ship will she us and spot our smoke signal. But, what we did not know, was that the fire had gone out, being left to die in its own smoke. When Simon points out and tell us that there is no smoke, Simon and Ralph and I hurry up to the mountain to see the reason for this. By the time all three of us have reached the dead fire, the ship is gone, and with it, some hope of being rescued. Thats when Jack and his hunters come in, marching up to the dead fire, with the body of a dead pig. Jack and Ralph start yelling at each other about the death of the fire, and how they let it die for the sake of the hunt. Jack kind of apologizes but Ralph is still angry with him. The uneasy environment eases up somewhat as we eat the roasted pig. the hunters explain the story of how they caught it, and kind of re-enact how it happened. In response to this almost scary performance, Ralph announces an assembly on the platform immediately.

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