Monday, May 7, 2012

My End

As I lay on the rocks below, waiting for death to greet me, I see a naval ship, and smile. Maybe, just maybe it can pick up Ralph. Maybe... Just Maybe... And then my world finally goes dark.. and I leave this hellish island.


Castle Rock

Im done being bullied. Im done being used. I called a meeting so that we could decide that we needed to get my glasses back. Jack had stolen them from me. Stolen what I needed for survival. When we find Jack's tribe, they are completely hostile towards us, and want nothing to do with any source of reasoning. They have become complete savages, no longer knowing the difference between right and wrong. I ask for my glasses back, but then jack comes out, telling us to go back to our side of the island, Thats where Ralph steps in and demands the glasses back. Ralph and Jack fight with spears for a little, and then I remind him what we were here for. The glasses. He understands. Thats when the savages grab Sam n' Eric, tie them up, and Jack and Ralph get into a fist fight. I've had it. I can take this damned island anymore. I scream at the boys, telling them to look at what savages they have become. Thats when, I look up quick enough, to see my own death. I don't feel myself hit the rocks below. I Can't feel anything anymore.

The Shell And The Glasses

The next morning, I see that our group now consist of Ralph, Sam n' Eric, Me and some little ones are all that remain in his camp. Ralph points out to me that we just murdered Simon. As if I didn't already know the sins we have committed... So I object to the use of the term "murder" and don't want Sam n' Eric to know that Ralph and I were at least somewhat involved in the creepy dance. I can hear Jack beginning acting ever more like a cruel dictator to his group members, having one of the boys tied up and beaten for angering him. Im kind of curious as to how the rest of the group members from Jack's group are dealing with the fact that they killed a friend. I wonder if its something that Jack can truly shove off. Back at our camp, we decide to let the fire die for the night rather than collect more wood in the dark. Thats when it happens. The worse thing that has happened to me on this island so far. Jack realized he needed fire, so in the middle of the night, he attacked our group while we were about to sleep, and stole my glasses, and left us there in the cold, bruised and hungry. Things are getting so much worse, so much faster than I thought. I just want to go home... Thats all I want now.

A View To A Death

I am starting to see that even the older kids who we though were loyal to Ralph, are starting to drift towards Jack, because of the meat and meal he has. In the end Ralph and I join the feast, and Jack allows it. After it, there is this strange dance, and Ralph and I, out of respect, follow along the outer rings of this strange ritual. Thats when a body comes breaking out of the forest, and in fear, the boys begin stabbing it and stabbing it. Only after it was dead had they realized what they had done. They had killed Simon. They thought he was the beast, and killed him without hesitation. The whole time, I could only watch in horror, imagining them turning on me and killing me. It was a scary thing to think about, and I was truly petrified. We did not even give him a proper burial, nor was there any word of apology muttered. They just left his body, to be carried out by the tides. Im starting to realize just how brutal things are about to get. What if they decide to just kill? Jack already has a lot of people. Im scared, and Ralph is losing his courage quickly too. I don't know what to do. I hope I make it home...

Gift For The Darkness

After everyone gets back, Jack and Ralph do not seem on good terms. They get into an argument, and Jack storms off on his own. To be honest, this was probably the best thing that has happened to me on this island so far. Simon suggests that we all go face whatever's on the mountain, but no one wants to go. Me, just glad that Jack is gone, suggests that we build a signal fire on the beach so that we won't have to go up the mountain. Everyone quickly springs to this idea, and I kind of felt proud to call it my own. While everyone gathers wood, some of the bigger kids sneak away to join Jack on his hunt. I also don't see Simon, but i'm assuming he is just going to his spot in the woods to calm down. I start the fire with my glasses(it helps make me feel useful). Then, Jack comes back with another successful hunt, attacking and killing a nursing sow and then impaling her head on a stick as an offering to the beast, coincidentally in full view of the spot where Simon sits concealed. Simon hallucinates, thinking that the head is talking to him, until he loses consciousness. To get fire for a pig roast, Jack steals some of our burning fire branches from the beach fire and invites our group to the feast in an attempt to get us to join his tribe. Ralph tries to rally our group to our side but loses his train of thought when he tries to remember the importance of being rescued, causing the other kids to doubt him.
(The words in bold and underlined were shown because there was significant importance in them)

Beast From Air

After the assembly is over, we all go to bed, leaving Sam n' Eric to tend to the fire. That when we see them come running down, screaming, saying they saw the beast thing, they had seen it. I think its really starting to affect people. I don't believe in the Beastie, but I think someone's going to have to do something about theses superstitions, once and for all. At dawn, Ralph calls an assembly, where we decide to investigate the only spot on the island left unexplored. That would be the castle like rock formation at one end of the island. I had to remain on the beach with the little ones, while Ralph and the others go to the castle. I can see them walking away, but can do no more than watch them go, and begin to tend to the smaller kids needs. At this point in time, its getting kind of dark out, and I have to send the little ones off to bed. Im staying awake a bit longer to see if they might come back. I hope they are okay. I ope they do not find anything. Its not like I expect them to. But none the less, I hope everything is well.

Beast From Water

Ralph calls the assembly and reminds everyone of their agreement to maintain fresh water supplies, build some shelters, and keep the signal fire going. Thats when he opens up the assembly, for people to talk about whatever fears or worries are on their minds at the moment. While this is happening, it is steadily getting darker. Jack takes the conch (after a little one said something about the beastie) to point out that if such an animal were on the island, he would have seen it during his attempts to hunt pigs. When one of the small children comes forward, and says he say the Beastie by his tent, Simon says it was only him, going to the place he loved to be in the jungle. Somehow, one thing leads to another, and that leads to talk of ghosts, so Ralph holds a vote to see who is afraid ghosts. This vote was so extremely stupid, I couldn't help but speaking up, and saying that all their fears were irrational. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who thought so. Jack agreed with me. Which is probably the only time we have ever seen eye to eye. But because of the agreement in our disagreement, Jack aggressively disputes Ralph's authority and leads the boys onto the beach in a sort of tribal dance. I stay on the platform, and Simon and I urge Ralph to summon everyone back to the platform. But Ralph doesn't want to do this, letting this one thing get to him, and his confidence wavers. Suddenly, the three of us are startled by an unearthly wail as Percival wakes up to find himself alone in the dark. So we pick Percival up, and carry him back to his tent.