Monday, May 7, 2012

Fire On The Mountain

At the meeting it was decided that there would be a rule involving speaking and the conch. Only the boy holding the conch can speak, and only Ralph can interrupt the one who holds the conch. After that, a process for order is established. After that, I take the conch so I can make the point that no one knows our location, meaning that we may be on the island for a long time. After this, the group of the littlest boys push a small kid forward to describe the "beastie" he saw in the woods the night before. People just shrug it off as the kids over reactive imagination. Ralph offers reassurance that they will definitely be rescued, mentioning that they'll need a signal fire to attract passing ships and planes. At the word fire, Jack immediately takes over the group, leading a charge up the mountain to start a fire. Ralph attempts to maintain order, but everyone rushes after Jack, so Ralph follows, too. I end up following last, angry at the behavior of my peers. On the mountain, we find a huge patch of dead wood and start a fire, using my glasses. A huge bonfire that quickly burns itself out is what happens when the fire is lit. Jack volunteers his hunters to maintain a signal fire. Suddenly, in the midst of a complaint that no one will let me talk, I see that we've started a forest fire. I yell at the other boys for their lack of common sense in not first building places were we can sleep, for the nights here are not going ot be the easiest. But people do not listen to me too much. I further scold them for causing not only the waste of fire wood that could have been used, but also the possible death of some of the little ones, down hill, since some of them had been playing in the area that was over taken by the rapidly moving fire. Then Ralph has the nerve to blame me. Really! Me! He said it was my fault for not keeping track of the children in the first place. I can't believe this.

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