Monday, May 7, 2012

Beast From Water

Ralph calls the assembly and reminds everyone of their agreement to maintain fresh water supplies, build some shelters, and keep the signal fire going. Thats when he opens up the assembly, for people to talk about whatever fears or worries are on their minds at the moment. While this is happening, it is steadily getting darker. Jack takes the conch (after a little one said something about the beastie) to point out that if such an animal were on the island, he would have seen it during his attempts to hunt pigs. When one of the small children comes forward, and says he say the Beastie by his tent, Simon says it was only him, going to the place he loved to be in the jungle. Somehow, one thing leads to another, and that leads to talk of ghosts, so Ralph holds a vote to see who is afraid ghosts. This vote was so extremely stupid, I couldn't help but speaking up, and saying that all their fears were irrational. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who thought so. Jack agreed with me. Which is probably the only time we have ever seen eye to eye. But because of the agreement in our disagreement, Jack aggressively disputes Ralph's authority and leads the boys onto the beach in a sort of tribal dance. I stay on the platform, and Simon and I urge Ralph to summon everyone back to the platform. But Ralph doesn't want to do this, letting this one thing get to him, and his confidence wavers. Suddenly, the three of us are startled by an unearthly wail as Percival wakes up to find himself alone in the dark. So we pick Percival up, and carry him back to his tent.

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