Monday, May 7, 2012

Castle Rock

Im done being bullied. Im done being used. I called a meeting so that we could decide that we needed to get my glasses back. Jack had stolen them from me. Stolen what I needed for survival. When we find Jack's tribe, they are completely hostile towards us, and want nothing to do with any source of reasoning. They have become complete savages, no longer knowing the difference between right and wrong. I ask for my glasses back, but then jack comes out, telling us to go back to our side of the island, Thats where Ralph steps in and demands the glasses back. Ralph and Jack fight with spears for a little, and then I remind him what we were here for. The glasses. He understands. Thats when the savages grab Sam n' Eric, tie them up, and Jack and Ralph get into a fist fight. I've had it. I can take this damned island anymore. I scream at the boys, telling them to look at what savages they have become. Thats when, I look up quick enough, to see my own death. I don't feel myself hit the rocks below. I Can't feel anything anymore.

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