Monday, May 7, 2012

Beast From Air

After the assembly is over, we all go to bed, leaving Sam n' Eric to tend to the fire. That when we see them come running down, screaming, saying they saw the beast thing, they had seen it. I think its really starting to affect people. I don't believe in the Beastie, but I think someone's going to have to do something about theses superstitions, once and for all. At dawn, Ralph calls an assembly, where we decide to investigate the only spot on the island left unexplored. That would be the castle like rock formation at one end of the island. I had to remain on the beach with the little ones, while Ralph and the others go to the castle. I can see them walking away, but can do no more than watch them go, and begin to tend to the smaller kids needs. At this point in time, its getting kind of dark out, and I have to send the little ones off to bed. Im staying awake a bit longer to see if they might come back. I hope they are okay. I ope they do not find anything. Its not like I expect them to. But none the less, I hope everything is well.

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