Monday, May 7, 2012

The Shell And The Glasses

The next morning, I see that our group now consist of Ralph, Sam n' Eric, Me and some little ones are all that remain in his camp. Ralph points out to me that we just murdered Simon. As if I didn't already know the sins we have committed... So I object to the use of the term "murder" and don't want Sam n' Eric to know that Ralph and I were at least somewhat involved in the creepy dance. I can hear Jack beginning acting ever more like a cruel dictator to his group members, having one of the boys tied up and beaten for angering him. Im kind of curious as to how the rest of the group members from Jack's group are dealing with the fact that they killed a friend. I wonder if its something that Jack can truly shove off. Back at our camp, we decide to let the fire die for the night rather than collect more wood in the dark. Thats when it happens. The worse thing that has happened to me on this island so far. Jack realized he needed fire, so in the middle of the night, he attacked our group while we were about to sleep, and stole my glasses, and left us there in the cold, bruised and hungry. Things are getting so much worse, so much faster than I thought. I just want to go home... Thats all I want now.

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